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Swift-4 2017 - Singles League Standing
Swift-4 2017 - Singles League Standing
Updated Live during the games, check league schedule if you like to watch any game LIVE. League ends 2nd Apr 2017
RankPlayer NameSet PointsScr. Pts. Diff.Total ScrMatches PlayedMatches WonMatches DrawMatches LostSets PlayedSets WonSets DrawSets Lost
1Louis Fernandes60534602151500303000
2Anurag Chanda4428645215942302208
3Dinesh Shetty44220423151032302127
4Shad Ahmed4117039115933302019
5Sanjeevan Selladurai4018839615843301929
6Krishna Dangol40110365158433020010
7Jatinder Aujla38109356156723019011
8Manuel Coelho37114340156633018111
9Rehan Nayyer24-114229153663012018
10Mohan Velusamy21-139202153483010119
11Ahmad Haris20-142204152673010020
12Chiwah Yee20-176230153483010020
13Anthony Royan19-19520515258309120
14Rama Pilla17-12922915339308121
15Madhukar Kelkar11-334117151311305124
16John Dharmai4-50266150213302028
Ranking Criteria: 1- Max. Set Points, Max., 2- Score Point Difference, 3- Max. Total Scored.
Each Match consists of 2 Sets. In each set, winner gets 2 set point, if draw each player gets 1 set point and looser gets 0 set points.

Please check the National Selection Committee Tab for detailed results.